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St. Louis Doula & Birth Photograper

Bringing a calm presence, evidence-based guidance, a warm human-touch, and documentation to birthing families in St. Louis.

You deserve to feel supported & informed at your birth!

Serving birthing people within 40 miles of St. Louis, Missouri

All bookings are currently accepted through St. Louis Birth and Baby.


Hello, friend!


I’m a wife, a sister, a daughter, a gardener, a coffee professional, a great cook, and a fanatic about all things birth. I’m born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. I received my bachelor’s in Social Work from Saint Louis University. I spent 5.5 years in Denver, Colorado where I worked in various aspects of the coffee industry, hiked as much as possible, and met the love of my life. In April, 2020 we decided to move to St. Louis to be closer to family and try something new. I know birth work is a calling of mine, and I’d love to talk with you!




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As Your Doula,

  • I trust birth.

  • I believe you, your partner, and your baby are the perfect team to make your birth happen.

  • I believe in your intuition.

  • I believe your baby knows how to enter the world.

  • I believe all birthing people should feel support when becoming a parent.

As Your Doula,

I Do Not:

  • Perform any clinical tasks.

  • Make decisions for you.

  • Speak above or over you to your provider.

  • Take over for your partner.

  • Push my beliefs or agenda onto you.

from sweet clients


“Working with Anna is such a pleasure! We can't say enough good things about this woman. She is knowledgeable, accepting, supportive and everything you could possibly hope for in a doula...After all is said and done, we felt we had a new close friend, not just a doula. If you are looking for a doula who will honor, echo and support your wishes - Anna is your lady!" 



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This is a safe space for all types of births and for all birthing families. LGBTQIA friendly and Transgender Safe Space.

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