It's such an honor to be invited into a family's birth space! I am so grateful to the family's that offer me the opportunity to do the work I love. - Anna

"There are so many positive things I can say about Anna! She is very knowledgeable and gave us very reliable and narrowed down resources since it can be overwhelming looking things up oneself with the plethora of information out there. She showed my husband and I techniques we could use not only during labor but pregnancy as well. Knowing she was always a text away when I had any concerns or just needed to talk was very reassuring. She offered a lot of emotional support. My husband is working for 14 hours during the day and I felt very nervous about being able to be reach him when the time came. Anna made sure to talk me through those feelings and always checked in each week at the very end. When I had questions she always went over the pros and cons of anything and also confirmed things I wasn’t sure about. Anna also was very supportive of my birth plan and ultimately when things completely changed during labor and how I chose to bring my son into the world. During early labor I was doubting that what I was feeling were actually contractions. She told me they were and ended up talking me through them over the phone since I was alone during that time. During labor she was so gently spoken and calm which helped tremendously. She always gave good recommendations and also made sure to get my husband involved and then took over when he needed sleep. During labor my husband and I were able to open up and talk to her about things because we felt safe and trusted her. When I ultimately ended up choosing to have a c section she was very supportive and nonjudgmental. Her being there during it was essential to help calm me when my husband wasn’t allowed in the room yet. Anna was able to step in that supportive role to me so that way my husband could be with our son once he was born. She also was able to take pictures so my husband and I can forever have those beautiful memories! Anna truly has a passion for being a doula and it comes out through her work! I would highly recommend Anna no matter your birth preferences! Even my OB said she was a wonderful doula! Thank you so much Anna for being such an amazing human being which makes you an outstanding doula!"
"Anna was a fantastic doula for us as we welcomed our third child into the world. I have done childbirth differently with all three and without a doubt, my third, and last, was the best experience and that was largely due to Anna being a part of it. She was incredibly caring and took time to know us as a family prior to the birth so she was ready to be there for us in exactly the way we needed when the time came. She was ready for each situation we encountered with a steady voice or hand. She advocated for us with the doctors when I couldn’t articulate what I needed or wanted. She was a calming presence for my husband when he needed that as well. It couldn’t have gone more smoothly and I’m very grateful to have had Anna with us through it all. I give her the highest recommendation. She will make a huge positive difference in your birth experience."
"During pregnancy with our third kid, Anna showed up in our lives and I learned a new word- doula. Now, I wish I knew about doulas for our first kid! Anna supported my wife (and myself, for that matter) in such a unique way. She helped plan the best path for what was coming. Doctors paid attention to the baby. I was paying attention to my wife, my kids, my family, our friends and everyone else. Anna was there for my wife and I. I cannot find the words to define all that she did. I am just glad that in our last birth she was next to my wife as one!"
"Having my first baby during the COVID-19 pandemic was not ideal. Having Anna as my doula was the best decision I made during my pregnancy. When I was uncertain of a decision she would help me weigh the pros and cons and feel good about it. She was always there via text or phone call when I had a question or just needed to talk. During our doula sessions the first thing she would ask was how my husband and I were doing mentally, as a couple and as individuals. Our sessions weren't strictly about me but also about my husband as well, if he had any questions, how he could support me, ect. Because of our sessions we felt really confident about giving birth. During labor she was there for us to help coach us through each contraction. Because of the coronavirus I was only allowed to have one person in the hospital with me, so obviously I had my husband there, but Anna was there virtually, constantly checking in (without being annoying). At one point during birth I was crying uncontrollably, the nurses were only focused on the medical stuff and just telling me not to cry. My husband called Anna and without needing to be told what I needed from her she started talking to me and calling me down, encouraging me, and suggested things that my husband could do to help me as well.
After giving birth she met with my husband and I to help process the birth and life after birth. We really liked this because we really didn't know what to think about our birth story. Helping us process life after birth was great because we didn't know what to expect and know that we had someone to talk to and who would listen was really refreshing. She would not give her opinion or tell you how to do something unless you asked for it. I am truly, extremely grateful for her, without her I honestly don't think I could have done it."

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