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Baby Sophie's Birth and First Few Days

Having a baby is such a sacred experience. It’s a full body reorienting of someone’s world. Last week I got to spend with my best friend and her family as they went from a family of three to family of four. I wish every family had support like this during these big life transitions. I feel so honored to have witnessed the strength my friend had as she brought her baby into this world.

I washed dishes, did laundry, tidied up, put toys away, snuggled babies while others slept, grocery shopped, cooked, and spent some time with the four legged child (their dog). We processed the birth and the transition often. We talked about the struggles and the joys. We laughed. We cried. We basked in this sacred transition.

My heart is so full from time with my best friend and from knowing that I doing work I am meant to do. Here’s to

- toddler walks anywhere she want to go

- puppy chow making

- snuggling a newborn or toddler so parents can nap or sleep in

- lots of coffee and snacks

- unlimited amounts of laundry and dishes

- baby wearing

- amazing midwifery care

- movies in bed on days naps were not had

- so much joy and love

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