Explanation of Services

Phone and email support

Upon hiring me, I offer unlimited phone, email, and text message support. Ask questions, share excitements, verbalize concerns -- I'm here for it all!

Prenatal visits

Ideally we'll have at least 2 prenatal visits before we meet that beautiful babe of yours. We'll cover details about your past birth experience and hopes/plans for this birth experience. I'll explain my role and what I hope to bring to the birth. There will be space to share concerns and fears. We'll practice some comfort measures, and discuss how and when to contact me.

Community referrals and Resources

Should you need any additional support during pregnancy or postpartum, I can refer you to people or businesses I know personally. I am continuously working to build connections with various providers around the St. Louis area.

Labor support/backup doula

I'll meet you at your home, birth center, or hospital. I'll arrive with a smile and my doula bag in tow. Throughout labor, I'll support the hopes/plan we discussed, nurture you, and encourage you. If a partner is with you, I'll do the same for them. Once baby is born, I'll support through first tries breastfeeding, and remain present until you, partner, and baby are snuggled in.

For any birth I attend, I'll have a backup doula I can call to take my place or support me if needed.

Postpartum follow up visit

Within a week after baby's arrival I'll schedule a postpartum visit with you at your home. The purpose of the visit is to check in on you and baby and process the birth experience. If you need any additional support, I'll do my best to provide helpful referrals if needed.

Lactation Prenatal Visit

An in-home prenatal consult helps parents to step into nursing confidently, whether this is your first or eighth baby. This session covers nursing basics, what to expect in the first few days after your baby is born, how to know if your baby is getting enough milk, what you need to know about pumps, whether or not nursing should hurt, and what to do if it does. (Hint: it shouldn’t hurt!)

The Natural Breastfeeding Digital Program

Feeding goes more smoothly if you know a few basics before your baby is born. This program includes

  • More than 60 short videos of parents and babies demonstrating easy-to-use comfort strategies.

  • Nursing photos of diverse parents with different body types.

  • Answers to the most common questions, many in video formats.

Lactation Postpartum Visit

These in-home counseling sessions are designed to help you reach your personal nursing goals. Babies don’t care about appointment times, so Rachel operates on “baby time”, which is why her initial postpartum sessions are 2 hours long. This session covers, latch issues, nipple/breast pain, baby’s milk intake or weight gain, your milk production, being told you need to supplement, your baby’s behavior (sleeping too much, not sleeping enough, excessive crying), expressing/pumping your milk, your parent gut telling you something isn’t right.

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